Sweet Animal Facts That Will Tug At Your Heart

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It’s unbelievable how cool animals are. Really, animals don’t even have to try — being cute and funny just comes naturally to them. Some species, such as the Japanese macaque, for example, are practically little people. They love playing in the snow and making snowballs just like human children do.

However, macaques aren’t the only species that have fascinating traits about them. There are all sorts of interesting animals out there that are just as fun to learn about.

We’ve chosen a few of the best — ones that are guaranteed to bring a giant smile to your face. These 15 sweet animal facts will not only tug at your heartstrings but will probably leave you in stitches too because of just how hilarious some animals are.

1. Squirrels will adopt other squirrel’s abandoned babies.

God forbid something should happen to a mama squirrel, but if it does, there is one saving grace. Other squirrels will adopt the mama squirrel’s babies and take care of them like they are their own. They are very caring animals.

2. Sea otters love holding hands.

Sea otters hold each others’ hands while they are taking naps in the water so that they don’t float away from one another. It is super cute. When otters hold hands in groups it is known as “forming a raft” and sometimes even whole families will partake in the chain.

3. Dolphins give their friends names.

That’s right! Names aren’t just reserved for humans and pets. Dolphins actually give each other names as well, although they don’t sound like any names we have ever heard of. You have to be a dolphin to understand them.

4. Goats have accents.

Studies show that goats’ voices change depending on which group of goats they are hanging out with. When spending time with a different goat family, they adopt the same accents and mannerisms of that herd. In the past, it was thought that the accents were entirely genetic

5. Puffins mate for life.

Once puffins find a partner they like, they pair up for life. The two lovebirds will build a little home together on the side of a cliff and live out the rest of their days in the same location. They are very romantic.

6. Squirrels create whole forests pretty much by accident.

Who knew squirrels were such conservationists? Every year, squirrels create new life simply by forgetting where they buried their acorns and nuts. Their lost food stores eventually sprout and grow into thousands of trees.

7. Oysters are gender-fluid.

Most oysters have both eggs and sperm and don’t have a fixed sex. They often change their sex multiple times throughout a lifetime. In scientific terms, animals with this ability are called “protandric”.

8. Butterflies taste things with their feet.

Instead of tongues, butterflies actually use their feet to taste the food they are eating. They can figure out the flavor of something just by standing on it. Then, they use a straw-like structure called a proboscis to suck up the flower nectar.

9. Seahorses show affection by holding their partner’s tail.

It is part of their courtship dance. The seahorses hold each others’ tails, then whirl around with each other for days. They also change colors throughout the process. Then, if all goes well, the two will mate for life.

10. Male puppies always let the females win.

When playing together, it’s very common that the boy puppies will let the girls win. Even though the males often have a physical advantage, it makes them happy when the girls are happy. Winning isn’t important, they just care about having fun.

11. Crows play pranks on each other.

Crows love practical jokes. It is a clear sign of just how incredibly intelligent they are. They also enjoy teasing each other and will often perform complex aerial acrobatics simply for fun.

12. Some animals just love smiling.

Take the quokka for example. It is known as the world’s happiest animal because in photos it always looks like it has got a giant grin on its face. It is one marsupial species that really knows how to smile.

13. Turtles breathe through their butts.

Breathing through their butt is the adaptation that allows turtles to hibernate in the winter. They can also breathe regularly if they want. However, when they are holed up in their shells for the cold months, their main source of oxygen comes through the rear.

14. Cows get anxiety when away from their friends.

Cows form very strong bonds with their friends and suffer badly when they happen to get separated. Take a cow’s best friend away from them and they will miss them dearly. Being apart causes them a lot of anxiety.

15. Some jellyfish live forever.

Turritopsis Nutricula, a type of jellyfish, is the only known species that actually lives forever. Their bodies are constantly regenerating and repairing themselves, causing the individuals to experience eternal life. Technically, they are not immortal though and still can be killed if they are unlucky.