Little Dog Chariot

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With nicknames like sausage and wiener dog, it can be hard to think of a dachshund as doing much more than sitting around and looking cute. But one family discovered that these little dogs are more capable than they might be given credit for.

The three little dogs are on a roll as they appear to effortlessly run along a stretch of grass. They are all on leashes that are attached to what looks like a walking staff – held vertically by a girl sitting on a skateboard. Her position appears to be precarious, yet she stays on as the dogs pull her along “with the combined stamina of an ox and speed of a Greyhound”, as the description says. The dogs are enjoying themselves, seeming to be barely hindered by the weight they are pulling.

Dachshunds were originally bred to chase and flush out badgers. These dogs may not be doing that right now but their job seems even more fun, especially for the girls that try out this exciting ride. They make an adorable team of chariot-pullers, and are certainly earning their treats.