Giant Tortoise Thought To Be Extinct For 100 Years Rediscovered In Galápagos

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This is initially was assumed that the giant tortoise Fernandina had fallen in an extinction a long time ago but now this after so many decades of obscurity, the researchers recently have spotted an individual of that species for the first time after about 110 years who had been wandering around in Galapagos Island. She was an adult female who was found to be wandering there on 17th February while an expedition was going on there at the island of Fernandina by National park and conservancy Galapagos.

This species last time was seen officially in the year 1906 and there are traces that they were sighted in 2009 too but the researchers didn’t jump to any of the conclusions due to lack of surety. Now there are evidences too that are bite marks and poops which shows that there is some live members of that particular species who are being living on that island.

The director of the giant tortoise restoration initiative, Wacho Tapia said that the conservation of the Galapagos giant tortoises had been his world for the last 29 years and he had also been there a part of so many exciting events which included the discovery of any of the new species of the tortoise. But this time the emotions which he is been feeling are indescribable. He added that this would be the most important task to be done in this century to search a living tortoise on this island which last time was seen about 112 years ago from now.