Next Few Months May Show Whether Huawei Can Survive, Thrive Despite US Ban on Sales

In the months before the Trump administration banned US tech sales to Huawei, the Chinese company furiously stockpiled US semiconductors and other parts it needed to […]

Astronaut Opens Up About The Strange Sight Outside His Ship That NASA Tried To Keep Quiet

For as long as man has looked to the stars, we’ve wondered about life on other planets. Once the space race was underway, people were sure […]

Facebook to Exempt Opinion & Satire From Fact-Checking: Report

Fact-checkers currently have nine rating options to review content and satire and opinion are part of those options. Facebook is reportedly planning to exempt opinion pieces […]

NASA Video Shows a Black Hole Ripping Apart an Unfortunate Star the Size of Our Sun

The star was eventually sucked into oblivion in a rare cosmic occurrence that astronomers call a tidal disruption event. The star was 375 million light-years away […]